ONLINE COURSE | 3D-Rendering in Blender for Biochemists

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March 27, 2020
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ONLINE COURSE | 3D-Rendering in Blender for Biochemists

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Learn making stunning 3D-renderings and take the lessons whenever and wherever you want! This online course teaches you how to use Blender (an open source software) for scientific illustrations. Not only are you going to be able to load pdb files of biomolecules directly into blender and style your molecules, you will also learn how to create bacteria, viruses, a petri dish or other useful items to build your scene. The course offers 5.5 hours of video material to follow. No previous knowledge is required!

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15 detailed click-along video lessons (see images)

  • Lesson 1 | Introduction to Blender
  • Lesson 2 | Loading a pdb structure with Blenders internal addon
  • Lesson 3 | From Chimera to Blender
  • Lesson 4 | From Yasara to Blender
  • Lesson 5 | From Pymol to Blender
  • Lesson 6 | From VMD to Blender
  • Lesson 7 | BlendMol, an add-on for VMD and Pymol to Blender
  • Lesson 8 | Snapshot of the inside of an enzyme (Surface representation)
  • Lesson 9 | DNA from a pdb file
  • Lesson 10 | DNA prepared in supportive software
  • Lesson 11 | DNA stylized and built in Blender
  • Lesson 12 | Building an E. coli in Blender
  • Lesson 13 | Building your own petri dish
  • Lesson 14 | Building a virus incl. pdb structures
  • Lesson 15 | Composing (transparency) and outlines

5.75 hours of video material
Downloads of all Blender scenes
Blender Files free for reuse (CCO)
Forum support given directly from teacher
Hosted in Moodle